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Considerations for Your Web Site

These are the types of items that we take into consideration when we develop web sites.

Evaluate your web site to see how well it does.


Is your web site simple to navigate without too many levels of information?
Can a user quickly and easily find information on your site?
Do your pages present information in reasonably sized pieces?
Does your site avoid duplication of pages?
Are your pages easily scanned by the reader or do they present paragraph after paragraph of text?
Is your site organized logically?
Are your links to important information hidden in paragraphs of text?


Does your web site have a consistent design? Do the pages look like they belong together?
Are your site's animated icons important to the page or distracting?
Do your site's graphics enhance the information on your pages and serve a purpose?
Does your site use a reasonable number of fonts? Will the fonts be available on your user's computer?
If your web sites uses frames, are they easy to use and do the pages print properly?
If your site uses fancy graphics or multimedia technology, are you sure your users will want to upgrade their systems to view your site?
Is your text readable through your background graphics?
Do your web site's graphics coordinate or are they unrelated clipart?
Does your design include complete dates so that your users can see how recent the information is?


Does your web site provide text links to supplement any graphical links?
Does your site look good on a variety of computer monitor sizes, resolutions, and color palettes?
Do your pages and graphics take into consideration various modem speeds? Do they load within a reasonable period of time?
Does your web site provide alternate text for its images?
Do your backgrounds take into consideration all screen resolutions? Do they present an annoying stripped effect on 21" monitors?
Do the items on your pages shift out of position when you increase or decrease the size of your browser window?