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Web Site Skills and Techniques

Developing an effective web site involves a combination of good writing, design, organizational, and computer skills. Hiring someone to produce your web site that has all of these skills can benefit you. From your raw content, we can create a wide range of web sites that can include any of the following elements:

Graphics and Design Elements

Web graphics (rules, bullets, and icons) and navigational tools (mapped graphics and buttons). A set of web graphics and navigational tools to coordinate all of your pages is standard on all of our web sites.
Photographs from a print, photo CD, or our collection of images.
Illustrations, logos, or other graphics on paper, in electronic format, or from our collection of images. Outside artists can be hired to create custom artwork.
Tables and bulleted lists for organizing information to make it more readable.

Interactive Elements

Links to other web sites on the Internet.
E-mail contacts to important people in your business or organization.
Forms to collect information from your visitors.
CGI scripts and JavaScripts to create effects such as mouseovers (images that change when your mouse moves over them) and search functions.
Much, much more. Because Internet technology is constantly changing, we continually update our skills to keep current.

For all web sites, our goals are to:

Focus on organizing the content and pages of your site in the most logical manner and making your site work with a variety of computer hardware and browsers.
Develop sites that work with many computer setups because we want your message to be available to as many people as possible.