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Web Site Services

About Our Web Site Services

Blanar & Associates provides a full range of web site services to assist companies or organizations just beginning to use the World Wide Web, as well as those already with an Internet presence.

Strategic Planning
Working together, we can decide how to develop your Internet strategy sales, customer service, technical support, or information provider.
Development or Re-Design
We can develop a new site or re-design your existing your site to meet your goals. We can work with your programmers or marketing department to develop and organize the content in your web site.
We can implement a web site design developed by you or a third-party. You come up with the idea and the graphics and let me do the HTML coding at a fraction of the cost.
We can update your site as often as you request and make changes to keep up with evolving technology.
We can manage your site's contents, upload it to your Internet service provider, promote it to search engines and other sources, and regularly update its information and technology to keep it fresh.
Get you started
If you are just getting started with a web site, we can help you understand what is involved so that you can make informed decisions.

Details On Our Services

Web Site Skills and Techniques
See the techniques that we can use to develop your web site presence.
Learn how we use our writing, design, organizational, and computer skills to create your site.


Articles On Web Sites

Web Site Basics
What do you need if you are just getting started on the web and how much is it going to cost?
How to Choose a Web Site Designer
Web site designers are everywhere! How do you decide which one to use?
Considerations for Your Web Site
What makes a web site good?
Evaluate your web site using these considerations.