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Software Documentation

About Our Software Documentation Services

Blanar & Associates provides a full range of services to assist you with your software documentation needs.

Manual Authoring
Working with either a finished version of your software or while it is still in development, we can learn your software as an end-user and write a manual teaching others how to use it.
Help System Authoring
We can develop your help system either directly from your software or from an existing manual. Possible formats include: WinHelp, Microsoft HTML Help, plain HTML help, or PDF help.
Documentation Revisions
We can update the documentation from a previous version of your software to match your current version. In addition, we can easily convert your help system from one format to another.
Proofreading and Editing
We can verify that a manual or help system that someone else wrote is well organized, comprehensive, useful, and properly written.
Conversions to a Web Site
If you want to publish your documentation on the Internet, we can create a customer support web site complete with online versions of your manuals, help systems, and FAQs.

Details On Our Services

Software Documentation Skills and Techniques
See the skills and techniques that
we use to write your documentation. Learn how we try to avoid common documentation problems.


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