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Technical Writing Skills

What skills should a good technical writing consultant have? At Blanar & Associates, we have pride that we can offer you the skills that are needed to produce quality work.

We can take a large amount of material and arrange it into manageable pieces.

We can separate a complex process into its smaller parts.
We are always thinking about "why".
We can easily "switch gears" and think through multiple processes at one time. We are versatile enough to learn about new technologies and products.
Good eye for design
We have an eye for color and layout. We can manipulate photographs, graphics, and other images into what is needed for your project.
Adept at writing
We can able take a complex process and explain it in a simple manner. Because we "like" to write, we do it well.
If we don't know the answer to a question or a problem, we research until we find the answer.
Good common sense
We always think about how your documentation or web site will appear to the end-user.