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Digital Photography

We have the tools and skills to handle both large and small digital photography and digital imaging projects. We can help you with any of the following items and more.

Photographing large events or taking individual photos.

We provide on-site services both for large projects such as photographing trade shows, band gigs, corporate events, weddings, and expos or for smaller projects such as taking pictures of your products for web sites, business communication documents, or other needs.

Providing digital photographs on a CD.

We can transfer the photographs that we took or that you took to a CD for your usage or safe-keeping. Images can be saved in JPG format at their original resolution and size or can be modified to any size or resolution you desire.

Manipulating specific photographs or other images.

Many times you have a photograph or other image that you'd like to use in a project, if only you could change or fix it in some way. We can help you get that important image into the form you want. We can change or correct the image, remove unnecessary parts, alter the colors, size it to the dimensions you need, optimize it for Internet viewing, and then save it in a variety of formats. We can almost perform magic!

Scanning of non-digital photographs or documents.

We can scan any photograph or other document on our flatbed scanner. We can then work with the photos to fix the colors, remove red eye, eliminate unwanted elements, or apply different artistic effects. We can also convert a non-digital document to text for editing.

Creating image galleries.

We can create image galleries of photographs, including thumbnails, for your personal or business photos. The final image gallery can be saved onto a CD or incorporated into your web site.