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What is an Information Focus?

An information focus...

Realizes that web sites are not pictures to be hung on the wall for artistic value. They are a means to convey information.
Recognizes that if you don't provide enough information about your product, the customer is unlikely to buy it.
Realizes that a user's time is valuable and doesn't make him search for hours to find what he is looking for. If a user can't find what he is looking for on your site easily, the user will become frustrated, leave your site to find another site, and have a negative image of your organization. While large companies can get away with having sites that aren't easy to use because they have "brand recognition", small companies can't afford to lose customers.
Recognizes that the content is the most important part of the web site. It is the item that makes people want to return to your site.
Believes that you should not overshadow or obscure your message by other web site elements. Your message should be the web site's top priority.
Recognizes that people don't come to your site purely to see advertisements.

Does this mean that an information focus doesn't care how a site looks?

On the contrary. The way a web site looks is very important. If you have a web site that looks amateurish or outdated, people will wonder whether you are a serious company. But on the other hand, having a beautiful looking web site that isn't functional isn't good either. That's where information focus comes in.