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General Information

About Annette's Consulting Business

In 1995, Annette Blanar started her technical writing consulting business to help small software companies with their documentation. She noticed that, in many of these companies, the job of writing the manuals and help systems fell upon one or more of the software engineers, who often completed the task unwillingly.

In 1996, she expanded her consulting business into web site services because she saw that many small businesses and organizations were uncertain where to go in this media. She wanted to provide honest answers by helping them to build an Internet presence without exhausting their funding.

To today, she has built her business around mutual respect, quality work, and reasonable rates. She has received much of her work through referrals and values each contact that she has made.

Annette is very experienced at working on "virtual teams", communicating primarily by e-mail. By working remotely, she has a minimal impact on your organization and can complete the job very efficiently.


Other Information

Technical Writing Credentials
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Technical Writing Skills
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