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Desktop Publishing

We have the tools and skills to make all of the documents for your business communications look professional. When designing a layout for your project, we always use our technical writing skills to read and edit the content to ensure that all spelling and grammar errors are eliminated, that the message comes across clearly, and that the material is well organized. Unlike other desktop publishers that simply layout your ideas on paper without regard to the wording, we provide desktop publishing plus!

We can provide your finished project in a variety of formats including PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format), HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Access. We can help you with any of the following items and more.

Catalogs. Catalogs contain a complete listing of items arranged systematically with descriptive details. Typical uses of a catalog are to list products or services such as items for sale or classes.
Newsletters. A newsletter is a small publication containing news of interest chiefly to a special group. Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your contacts.
Brochures. Brochures contains descriptive or advertising material and are typically distributed to promote your product or service. Brochures are often called pamphlets.
Flyers. A flyer is typically a one-page advertising document describing an event or special service. Since flyers are just one page, they can quickly be changed or created as necessary for different events.
Fact sheets. A fact sheet is a one-page document providing highlights about a product or service. They need to be designed to be easily scannable by the reader, since you want to catch the reader's attention and have him or her request more detailed information like a brochure.
Business plans. Business plans describe the nature of your business in a very organized and methodical manner. They often require summaries in addition to detailed material.
White papers. A white paper is a detailed, authoritative report. The government and technical companies often use white papers, instead of brochures, to promote a product, as they contain more technical information such as the results of studies or details on the development of the product.
Business forms. Business forms are used to collect information from people. The way a form is designed can affect how accurately the form is completed.
Programs. Programs are used for events to explain the schedule of activities. They may be simple one-page documents, multiple pages including ads, or somewhere in between. Programs must be easy to use since the reader doesn't have time to spend figuring the document out.
Resumes. A resumes, also called a curriculum vitae, is a short account of one's career and qualifications. Since you usually prepare a resume when you are hoping for a new job, you want your resume to present you as a professional.